Mount Rinjani is best kown as its landscape as the result of vulkanic eruption over million years ago. The violent explosions has created the kaldera called Segara Anak Lake. Forested slopes strecth directly from the sea create their own weather pattern and act as water-catchment for the whole Lombok Island. It’s about 90% of the whole rivers of Lombok supplied from this mount. In a few part of the rivers rised a beautifull natural phenomenon called as waterfall.

There are several waterfalls surround Rinjani and there only a few of them have already famous i.e Sendang Gile waterfall or Tiu Kelep waterfall at Senaru, North Lombok or Jeruk Manis waterfall at Kembang Kuning, East Lombok. And haven’t being explore or expose the rest of it. The paper is about the waterfalls of Rinjani, their beauty profiles.

Sendang Gile waterfall

Sendang Gile may be the most best known waterfall among the others. Located at Senaru, West Lombok, it’s about 600m above sea level, this waterfall attract thousands of visitors annually. Take steps from Senaru village to get there and a walk down for a few minutes along a graded trail. Or take another route from irrigation canal at the entrance of Senaru village, an another pleasant advantage.

The waterfall is about 40m of height, and it have two graded. The water is pure, big flow and never dry. The source outlet of water come from well protected rain forest above, it’s the Gunung Rinjani National Park forest. This waterfall either is alternative attraction if the trekking to Mount Rinjani were closed. And it will have much visitors at weekend, holyday or special events.

The waterfall is one location between the two other Senaru great waterfall, the Tiu Kelep and Betara Lenjang waterfall.

Tiu Kelep waterfall

On hours walk up river from Sendang Gile laid a more beautiful waterfall called Tiu Kelep, about 40m heigth. The route is more adventurous and more quite place rather than Sendang Gile. It’s only a few people would have to bother to see this object because it take an extra energy to pass through the trail. Walk over scrambled rock of the river, occasionally slippery at more wet weather, either the leech that will suck our blood. But it’s rewarded by the beauty of the waterfall and swim in its deep cool pool. 

Betara Lenjang waterfall

This Senaru third waterfall is strictly for mountain trekker, located about 2 hours walking from the village. It’s true rain forest adventures and that’s way a rare number of people would like to go to this place. The route take the Rinjani trek initially, turn left after the eaglewood forest, and take a climb down until the bottom of valley, wacth for the step because the trail isn’t well taken care of. This sacrifice wouldn’t rewarded by the sight view forward unlike the second waterfall trip. The waterfall is beautiful indeed but not quite as those two. The only precious is to walk along a valley river which Betara Lenjang is the upper coarse.

Benang Stokel waterfall

Located at Aik Berik, Central Lombok, Southwest of Mt Rinjani, it’s 30m height waterfall, 552m above sea level. It’s quite famous waterfall among the local tourist. The only reason is because the access to the place, there are no public transportation access.

The place is managed tidily as like as Senaru first waterfall. The parking site, the graded trail and the shelter. From the parking site walk down a graded trail for about 30 minutes along man made forest surround.

There are two waterfall aside. The left side is higher than the right and have bigger flow. It may come from one outlet and divided into two waterfall. The waterfall is quite clean water either, the man made forest and rainforest in the upper land is well managed and protected.

Benang Kelambu waterfall

It’s about 30 minutes walking from Benang Stokel waterfall. It will take an extra energy because its rather like trekking trail, up and down trail and more adventurous. The trail surrounded by social forest mixed up with rain forest. It’s also new-opened trail, it’s new managed access to this waterfall. And the visitors are countable.

The waterfall is special and very unique. The waterfall look likes a big net which is spread out, that’s way it’s called Benang Kelambu in local language Sasak. It’s about 40m of height and have two graded irregularly. The dense of herbs make it seem more naturally.

It’s a virgin place either, the place isn’t well managed yet. It’s like have just been found. There are no man made buildings here, it’s just clean rocks which is covered by herbs. Take a bottle of the water and feel the strength of nature water.

Jeruk Manis waterfall

It’s a great place between two famous places called Tetebatu and Otak Koko at Kembang Kuning, East Lombok. Those are well managed places. There are several facilities present. The well managed homestays, cottages, restaurants, also great access with fine asphalt-pavement supporting to this object, either like Senaru above. That’s why most of visitors spend at least one or two nights here to enjoy the panorama around the waterfall or villages.

Penimbungan waterfall

The Penimbungan waterfall view is an advantage view when the visitor especially the mount trekker take a route at Torean trekking trail, Gunung Rinjani National Park. Well, either it’s a legal entrance to the national park, the trail has already left behind among the visitor since it’s a difficult route path nor like Sembalun or Senaru. Except it isn’t well managed trekking trail, it’s a quite specific route. There are a lot of beautiful sights here including these waterfalls, Penimbungan waterfall, Aik Genit waterfall and Pancor Mas waterfall.

Penimbungan waterfall could be seen at 2 hours walking from Torean trekking trail entrance. It’s implied in forest zone of the national park and can’t be reached because of the canyon. The trekker will able to see the full view of the waterfall at forenoon, it’s time when the fog haven’t covered the area yet.

Aik Genit waterfall

Aik Genit waterfall is one hour view from first Torean waterfall, Penimbungan waterfall. It’s laid on a fragile land-hill. The rock and other material always move yearly swept by the rain. That’s way the Torean trekking trail is well known as a fragile trail and began abandoned by the visitor.

Walk across the river,Koko’ Putih River, to get closed to this waterfall. Walk over scrambled rock either. The waterfall indeed has pure water nor like Koko’ Putih river in adjacent. It also has a deep cool pool.

Pancor Mas waterfall

It’s a half hour walk from Aik Genit waterfall. The place is quite far away from the trekking trail and none ever been going to this place before. It could only been seen from a distance. Indeed, it’s beautiful waterfall. Higher than ever. The deep canyon is the main reason why it’s ‘untouchable’, even for local people.

Goa Susu ‘Hot-water’ Waterfall

Yes, it’s a true hot water of being waterfall ever. It’s been in hot-spring water area where the hot water spring-cave called Goa Susu laid. This place is a few walk from main source of this hot water, below the Segara Anak lake (2010m). Since the trek from Segara Anak lake to this place maintained badly, rare people eiger to go to this place. It has hot pool either but becarefull of the very-very hot water, it may affect your skin. Enjoy the hot-water waterfall by taking a shower.

Kaliage waterfall

You should ask a ranger at Sembalun office of the national park to go to see this uniqe waterfall. It’s about one hour walking through savana and secondary forest at Sembalun area. Not quite easy to reach the place and that’s why you have to call our staff and to get permission also.

Enjoy it.